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At Good Graces Grooming we provide one-on-one grooming and specialize in working with anxious, fearful and/or special needs dogs. We offer comfort grooms for senior dogs or for dogs that are not feeling their best, and *makeovers* for dogs that have missed a few grooming appointments or have not been bathed or brushed at home. If your dog is overly reactive to other dogs, we can arrange for your dog to be the only dog in the shop.

The safety, health and well-being of your dog is our top priority and we strive to keep the shop quiet and the stress level low.

Our chosen practice of one-on-one grooming in an open layout, quiet shop appeals to folks who have dogs that may not be able to tolerate a shop with a lot of barking dogs in crates or shops that may be loud because they’ve got multiple dryers going at once.

We utilize high-quality shampoos and conditioners, tearless facial wash, tub ramps, a hydraulic lifting table, Belly Bands, Happy Hoodies, hammocks, hip slings, anti-fatigue mats, cross body loops and salmon, turkey or duck treats to keep your dog safe and comfortable during their grooming session.

While I have absolutely no doubt Petco and Petsmart have some very talented groomers - their corporate model uses high-volume grooming as a “loss leader,” knowing that the people drawn there by their lower prices are likely to do some shopping in the store before or after their dog is groomed, or sign up for a dog training class. We can’t compete with their prices.

Other independent grooming shops in our area have their own business models (grooming/daycare, grooming/boarding, grooming/retail) and do a great job. The small community of RI dog groomers is very collaborative, often comparing notes and referring clients to one another when we believe dogs or clients might benefit from seeking services in another shop.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please call or text Good Graces Grooming at 401-423-5840.



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